The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - The 6th Anniverasry Issue
    1. Number One in America (David Massengill) 7:55 - David Massengill
    2. The Marching Dream (Suzanne Vega) 3:06 - Suzanne Vega
    3. I Need You (Paul Kaplan, Lisa Kleinholtz) 3:32 - Paul Kaplan
    4. Godzilla (Michael Garin) 1:59 - Erik Frandsen
    5. Three Touching and Telling Musical Expression (The Bard of Halifax - Ed McCurdy) 3:38 - Ed McCurdy
      1. A Love Song
      2. A Travel Tale
      3. Lines on Brotherhood
    6. Three Flights Up (Frank Christian) 3:52 - Frank Christian
    7. Before You Sing (Jack Hardy) 4:41 - The Roches
    8. Somebody to Do That For (Ilene Weiss) 4:04 - Ilene Weiss
    9. The World Turned Upside Down (Brian Rose) - Brian Rose
    10. Problem Child (Steve Jensen, Doug Petty) 3:52 - Steve Jensen
    11. Losers (Dave Van Ronk) 3:15 - Dave Van Ronk
    12. Down the Highway (Germana Pucci) 3:40 - Germana Pucci
    13. Heart of the Working Man (Tom Russell) 2:52 - Tom Russell Band
    14. Now That the Rain Has Gone (Rod MacDonald) 3:50 - Rod MacDonald
    15. Shotgun Down the Avalanche (Shawn Colvin, John Leventhal) 4:32 - Shawn Colvin
    16. Restless Youth in Chinatown (Peter Spencer) 3:56 - Peter Spencer
    17. Remodeling the Pentagon (Michelle Shocked) 2:10 - Michelle Shocked
    18. Heart on the Run (Tom Intondi, Frank Rossini) 3:25 - Tom Intondi
    19. The Hills of Tuscany (Eric Andersen) 4:45 - Eric Andersen
    20. Uneasy Nights (Richard Meyer) 5:31 - Richard Meyer
    21. Brothers (Hugh Blumenfeld) 2:56 Hugh Blumenfeld
    22. Realties (Christine Lavin) 3:06 - Christine Lavin
    23. The Hawk's Song (Josh Joffen) 5:38 - Josh Joffen
    24. I'm Gonna Buy a New Outfit (Judith Zweiman) 3:22 - Judith Zweiman & The Gyrls on the Busse


    David Massengill: Guitar, Vocal
    Mark Dann: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Drum Machine
    Suzanne Vega: Guitar, Vocal
    Paul Kaplan: Guitar, Vocal
    Erik Frandsen: Guitar, Vocal
    Ed McCurdy: Guitar, Vocal
    Frank Christian: Guitar, Vocal
    Maggie Roche: Virgin Vocal
    Suzzy Roche: Mother Vocal
    Terre Roche: Crone Vocal
    Jack Hardy: Guitar
    Lisa Gutkin: Violin
    Janice Kollar: Synthesizers
    Ilene Weiss: Guitar, Vocal
    Brian Rose: Guitar, Vocal
    Steve Jensen: Guitar, Vocal
    Doug Petty: Lead Guitar
    Dan Petty: Keyboards
    Dave Van Ronk: Guitar, Vocal
    Germana Pucci: Guitar, Vocal
    Jeff Hardy: Acoustic Bass
    Rod MacDonald: Guitar, Vocal
    Margo Hennebach: Keyboards
    Shawn Colvin: Guitar, Vocals
    Lillie Palmer: Vocal
    John Levemthal: Mandolin
    Peter Spencer: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
    Michelle Shocked: Guitar, Vocals
    Tom Intondi: Guitar, Vocals
    Eric Andersen: Guitar, Vocals
    Richard Meyer: Guitar, Vocals
    Akiwa Wharton: Percussion
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Guitar, Vocals
    Christine Lavin: Guitar, Vocals
    Josh Joffen: Guitar, Vocals

    The Tom Russell Band are:
    Tom Russell: Guitar, Vocal
    Andrew Hardin: Harmony Vocal, Lead Guitar
    Billy Troiani: Bass
    "Fats" Kaplan: Accordian
    Charles Caldarola: Drums,  Harmony Vocal

    Judith Zweiman & The Gyrls on the Busse are:
    Judith Zweiman: Guitar, Vocals, Bass
    Mark McColl: Drums
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Gyrls on the Busse
    Dianne Chodkowski: Gyrls on the Busse
    Christine Lavin: Gyrls on the Busse
    Raun McKinnon: Gyrls on the Busse
    David Massengill: Male Authority Figure

    Production Credits:

    Richard Meyer: Editor, Article
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Associate Editors; Article
    Christine Lavin: Associate Editors
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Bill Kollar: Recording Engineer
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer, General Staff, Contributors
    David Seitz: Recording Engineer
    Beverly Bark: Production Coordinators
    Peter Brown: Office Manager
    Ray Lewis: Treasures, Marketing
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art Director, Photo
    Jill Burkee: Art Director Assistant
    Germana Pucci: Art Director Assistant, Editor N' Chef
    Kim Llewellyin: Cover Production Consultant
    Steve Key: Advertising
    Stevart Keybak: Advertising
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Barbara Krinitz: Photo Editor
    Josh Joffen: Record Review Editor
    David Brown: General Staff, Contributors
    Roger Deitz: General Staff, Contributors, Article
    Mitch Fitzco: General Staff, Contributors
    Irving Glazer: General Staff, Contributors
    Gerry Hinson: General Staff, Contributors, Photo
    Paul Kaplan: General Staff, Contributors
    John Kruth: General Staff, Contributors
    Blaze Perillo: General Staff, Contributors
    Brian Rose: General Staff, Contributors
    David Roth: General Staff, Contributors
    Daniel Gewertz: Article
    Jack Hardy: Article
    Eric Anderson:Article

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words