Down the Highway - Germana Pucci

    When Bill gets the blues you hear his noisy mind
    louder than his boots dragging behind
    at the steering wheel when the day is done
    trying to find himself out there on the run

    I wake up at night soaking wet my gown
    listen to that drip, what a pounding sound
    will he make it back? When he's gone I pray to the saints
    down the country-side sunrises all the same

    With a cigarette on his bottom lip
    and the rifle rack right above the seat
    threw his hat aside and drove away
    in a smokey cloud down the highway

    E mi sveglio sai, ogni notte ormai
    nel timore che gli succedan guai
    mi domando se e quando tornera'
    e fa l'alba senza novita'

    With the dope he smokes could he be thrown in jail
    caught him twice before with friends out on bail
    shape 'em while they're young, said my sister Clare
    swear across my heart, l'm the one who cares

    I wake up at night (etc...)

    I admit it's true in my early teens
    went around the world with my thumb in my jeans
    till I was with child on my way back home
    where I spend my days once again alone

    I wake up at night (etc...)

    Mi domando se e quando tornera'
    e fa l'alba senza novita'

    1987 By Germana Pucci

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words