Problem Child - Steve Jensen, Doug Petty

    She's not as nice as she looks
    Doesn't have the heart of an angel
    Just looks like one
    On tha wrong day she'll be so cruel and unkind
    Complicated mind
    On the right day she may keep her date
    These are the days when memories are made

    Problem child, running wild
    Stay home pout, won't go out
    Up ali night, the party life
    She's been a problem child
    Ever since she could walk

    It's such a lot of trouble
    Always trying to be cool
    Nice boys can play that game
    But they don't like to
    She's cleaning up her act
    But not all the way
    There's still a lot of room for play


    Ever since she could talk, move, cry in her chair
    Scream, dream, color in her hair
    Open her arms to a man
    Capture him there in her hands
    Wink, think, make him believe,
    Now she's ready to leave
    She's staying as long as s e can


    1987 by Steve Jensen and Doug Petty

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words