The Hawk's Song - Josh Joffen

    Sun-streaked sky over mountains
    The rivers are ribbons of light
    We raise our heads to the cooling air
    Shake the stiffness from our wings before flight

    Then launched from our cliffside aeries
    We ride the invisible streams
    Up over mesas and down into canyons
    A challenge to all in our screams

    Since the rivers first cut the canyons
    Since the first coyote's call
    We have hunted and nested and hatched our young
    It is we who are the rulers of all

    We saw the first men come to the mesas
    They were builders and planters of corn
    For years beyond number they flourished there
    Their old ones died and their young ones were born

    We saw them driven to live on the cliffside
    Diminished by drought and by war
    Their strong ones left and their weak ones died
    And the land it was ours once more


    Now the twilight wind whispers through treetops
    Empty doorways and ruins of stone
    The first stars appear and the shadows climb high
    And the desolation is swallowed and gone

    And the new men return in the daylight
    to run their hands over ancient walls
    But they leave the ghosts and the canyons to us
    As the darkness begins to fall

    1986 Josh Joffen (BMI)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words