Three Touching and Telling Musical Expression - The Bard of Halifax - Ed McCurdy

    1) A Love Song

    Oh, the loins of Louisa loom large in my mind
    I have searched the world over very well to find
    I have found many girls equally kind
    But they all lacked the loins of Louisa

    Louisa, Louisa, her beauty's complete
    From the top of her head to the soles of her feet.
    And especially where loins and the rest of her meet
    There's none to compete with Louisa

    2) A Travel Tale

    On the way from Manhattan to Montauk
    On the Long Island Railroad one day
    I needed to go to the bathroom
    And I asked the conductor the way

    He said there was only one bathroom
    Way back at the end of the train
    But when I had finally found it
    I found that my trip was in vain

    For the bathroom was fifthy and flooded
    And it smelled like stables of Hell
    So I called on my bladder to hold it
    And I must say it held it quite well

    Untill we arrived at old Montauk
    And I found a clean bathroom at last
    So all ended well for my bladder
    And the whole episodes in the past

    But if ever I happen, the president
    Of the Long Island railroad to meet
    And I can summon my water
    I shall bloody well piss on his feet

    3) Lines on Brotherhood

    Il you analyze the excrement of
    Moslem, Christian, Jew
    The differences are Minor
    The differences are few
    And when you get to basics
    This fact I now submit
    Though divided by religions
    we are united in our shit
    All men
    All men
    All men
    All men

    © 1988 By Ed McCurdy


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words