Brothers - Hugh Blumenfeld

    My brother is a dark-eyed gentle man
    We see each other when we can
    For dinner or some music
    But there's always been this tension
    Neither mentions it and then
    The conversation dies down
    And I think sometimes it's just as well
    We live in different towns

    Some say we're like day and night
    The Southern Cross and the Northern Ughts
    He's half a world away from me
    Still he's half the world to me
    And doesn't even know it

    When we were young we fought till our mom cried
    Forgave each other when she died
    And swore we'd try to close the gap
    And though we both are loyal
    And enjoy each other's triumphs
    We don't understand them well
    And each other's friends are ciphers
    And each other's heaven hell


    I recenlly got married high up on a hill
    My brother spoke as brothers will
    About growing up behind me
    And when the vows were over
    He broke down on my shoulder
    I was not prepared
    And I held him as he Crossed the distance
    I had never dared


    1987 Lark & Wild Thyme Musie ( BMI)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words