Before You Sing - Jack Hardy

    Before you sing, before you strum you silken strings
    uncloud your mind, take yourself out of time
    remember me as a child unviolated and wild
    layed out upon your bed: the wine but not the bread
    your thirst among my fears, your verse for only my ears
    but you had magie, you had might
    you had everything in sight
    and everything I gave to you
    and still you do not know me

    before you sing, before you strum you silver strings
    put down your cup which drowns the sounds of us
    one hallowed night delfiled, I concieved your child
    the life that you disown, the wile you tried to own
    at the crossroads of will the child you had me kill
    but you had causes, you had hope
    you always had enough rope
    and as you mother, I gave birth to you
    and'still you do not know me

    before you sing, before you strum your muted strings
    put down your cross, consider what it has cost
    my mask it mirrors yours, the task you must endure
    layed out upon your bed, to cup your weary head
    you have poisoned well the songs you sell
    you've created hell upon earth
    and the gleemen laugh with their ghoulish glee
    and still you do not know me

    © 1087 John S. Hardy Music (ASCAP)

    Note: This song is from a forthcoming play by Gia.ncarlo Biagi and Jack Hardy with songs by Jack Hardy. In this song the lead character, a singer, is being attacked by the muse in the form of the'lhree phases of the moon godess. The muse is explaining why she has forsaken the singer; he has not confronted love, he has not confronted the family, and ha has not confronted his own mortality. The muse is wearing masks, the singer is wearing a guitar.


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