Godzilla - Michael Garin

    From the ice floes of the arctic to the shores of fair Japan
    Theres and actor I admire and I'm not his only fan
    I've seen his every picture upon the silver screen
    You'd know him if you saw him
    He's rather large and green

    Godzilla, Gozilla to me your still a star
    You're bigger than Brando
    You're more bizzarre than Barbara Steisand
    Critics berate you
    Subways downright hate you
    But we all know how talented you are

    Godzilla, Godzilla your gifts are heaven sent
    And leveling Asia sure does pay the rent
    Someday maybe Dinah Shore will co-star with a dinosaur
    And then by-god, Godzilla you can give those pithy snobs what for

    I know you're bitter and dour and it galls
    Akira Kurosawa won't return your calls
    But I've seen your MacBeth
    I've seen your Willy Loman
    And you make Dustin Hoffman look like Frosty the Snowman

    So,Godzi...... Baby
    Your star is on the rise
    Just like Rodan and Mothra
    And all the other guys
    The message from Hollywood is clear
    Prehistoric's comin' back this year
    Leapin' lizards
    Prehistoric's comin back this year

    © 1987 by Michael Garin


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words