The World Turned Upside Down - Brian Rose

    The gardener is dreaming of a world vast and wild
    Where he lives in the open with his wife and his child
    But the garden is tending the great cathedral close
    The boxwood, the ivy, the hybrid rose

    Such are the gardener's dreams
    In a night of light and sound
    To hold to the old truths
    In a world turned upside down

    The gates of the garden are high and overgrown
    Where the gardener is talking to himsell all alone
    The city surrounds him with windows filled with eyes
    He says, "who are these people who must live so high?"


    The gardener is digging lor the elements of earth
    The secrets of nature and the mystery of birth
    While sirens wall around him, the traffic honks and squeals
    Voices peal the hours in a cacophany of deals


    The gardener is yearning lor the mountains and the streams
    Where the stars are bright and scattered in the universe of dreams
    But the gardener is bitter for he does not have the means
    To leave behind the city with it's scrims and painted screens.

    By Brian Rose 1987

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words