Uneasy Nights - Richard Meyer

    In the troubled countries where the military breeds
    Flags are burning in the noisy breeze
    The crowd breaks open as the cameras roll
    For skins and shadows and a hail of stones

    Votive candles burn to nothing behind pulled down shades
    The curfew cuts and falls down like a sabre biade
    In the streets a hollow isolating siren moans
    As the spirit of the country hits the worn down walls

    Uneasy trees blow in uneasy winds
    History repeats itself in shivers and spins
    Uneasy nights, in uneasy rooms
    Uneasy love for uneasy truths

    In the city of phantoms that's solid in the press
    Mothers search for children through the ghostliness
    Whispers are the only things that whisperers dare
    Where handcuffs make the sign of an offered prayer

    One man will talk to another but not trust his eyes
    The trigger full of mercy tells the truth from lies
    They walk through living rooted trees in the park
    That cannot hear and cannot know their hearts


    In my bed love untangles and we talk out loud
    By the light of a candle that's for romance now
    Through the open window ali sorts of breezes blow
    And we laugh as if our birthrights could not easily go


    1986 by Richard Meyer - Laughing/Scared Music (ASCAP)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words