the CooP The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - May '83 -  The Political Song
    1. America (David Indian) 4:51 - David Indian
    2. Potter's Field (Jack Hardy) 4:32  Fresno Slim
    3. An Oil Derrick Out By West Tulsa (Sis Cunningham) 2:58 - "Sis" Cunningham
    4. Free Man (Ray Lambiase) 3:23 - Doug Waterman
    5. I'm a Friend of the Foetus (Carole Rose Livingston) 2:35 - Carole Rose Livingston
    6. Nothing (David Massengill) 3:49 - David Massengill
    7. Chain of Love (Josh Joffen, Paul Kaplan) 2:47 - Late for Dinner
    8. La Rosita de Broadway (Bob Norman) 4:46 - Bob Norman
    9. I Was Nixon's Plumber (or How I Cleaned the White House Toilets and Saved America) (Sherwood Ross)  2:33 - Sherwood Ross
    10. Long Black Wall (Michael Jerling) 4:21 - Michael Jerling
    11. Everything Possible (Fred Small) 3:56 - Fred Small
    12. Nineteen Miles from Shoreham Town (Traditional, Kirk Kelly) 3:49 - Kirk Kelly
    13. We Shall Stay Here (Paul Kaplan) 2:50 - Jon Stein, Jayne Spencer


    David Indian: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, Five Guitars, Guitar. Toilets, Keyboards
    Fresno Slim: Vocal, Guitar
    Sis Cunningham: Vocal, Piano Accordian
    Paul Kaplan: Guitar, Shouting, Vocal, Cuatro, Percussion
    Ben Siebert: Shouting
    Doug Waterman: Vocal, Guitar
    Janet Stecher: Vocal
    Marcie Boyd: Vocal
    Carole Rose Livingston: Vocal
    David Massengill: Vocal, Guitar
    Bob Norman: Vocal, Guitar
    Laura Liben: Vocal, Dumbek, Percussion
    Jose Luis Pascual: Vocal, Lead Guitar, Percussion
    Jayne Spencer: Vocal
    Jon Stein: Vocal
    Sherwood Ross: Vocal, Guitar
    Michael Jerling: Vocal, Guitar
    Bob Warren: Guitar
    Teresina Huxtable: Casio Keyboard
    Fred Small: Vocal, Guitar
    Kirk Kelly: Vocal, Guitar
    Jon Stein: Vocal, Guitar
    Jayne Spencer: Vocal

    Late for Dinner are:
    Josh Joffen: Vocal
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Vocal
    Judith Zweiman: Vocal

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor, Liner Notes
    Brian Rose: Associate Editor, Photography
    Gary Bohem: Assistant Editor
    Nancy Talanian: Managing Editor, Advertising, Photography
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Alan Beck: Editorial Assistans, Graphics Contributions
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Editorial Assistance, Correspondence
    Hugh Blumfeld: Editorial Assistance, Contributor Editors
    Bill Neely: Editorial Assistance
    Carol Ficksman: Graphics Contributions
    Judy Ficksman: Graphics Contributions
    Chuck Hancock: Graphics Contributions
    Jeff Tiedrich: Graphics Contributions
    Randy B. Hecht: Contributor Editors
    Gerry Hinson: Contributor Editors, Photography
    Tom Intondi: Contributor Editors
    Paul Kaplan: Contributor Editors
    Rosemarie Kirstein: Contributor Editors
    John Kruth: Contributor Editors
    Joe Lauro: Contributor Editors
    Rod MacDonald: Contributor Editors
    David Massengill: Contributor Editors
    Richard Meyer: Contributor Editors
    Bill Neely: Contributor Editors
    Bob Norman: Contributor Editors
    Angela Page: Contributor Editors
    Sherwood Ross: Contributor Editors, Media Consultant
    Peter Spencer: Contributor Editors
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    LuAnn Barry: Sales Manager
    Ruth Ann Bauser: Production Staff
    Judy Molner: Production Staff
    Bob Withser: Production Staff
    Helen Withser: Production Staff
    Cathy Divine: Production Staff
    Sheldon Bider: Production Staff
    Jay Bird: Production Staff

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words