Nothing - David Massengill

    There was an old woman
    And nothing she had
    And so this old woman
    Was said to be mad
    She had nothing to eat
    She had nothing to wear
    She had nothing to lose
    She had nothing to fear
    She'd nothing to give
    And nothing to leave
    And when she died
    There was no one to grieve

    There was an old man
    And he had naught
    And the robbers came
    For to rob his vault
    They chased him up
    To the chimney top
    And so he jumped
    Until he stopped
    And as I'm told
    By men of sense
    He never has
    Been living since

    There was a bomb
    And the bomb was big
    When the bomb went bang
    There were graves to dig
    Bones of the poor
    Bones of the rich
    When the bomb went bang
    It didn't matter which
    There was no one to rob
    All your worldly wealth
    If you want anymore
    You may sing it yourself

    If I were an old woman
    And you were an old man
    Would you whisper love
    Would you kiss my hand
    Or would you chase me up
    To the chimney top
    But before I jumped
    Would you holler, "Stop!"
    Or would you wait
    Until it's too late
    Would you rub in salt
    Would you say, "Checkmate."

    1983 by David Massengill,

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words