Everything Possible - Kirk Kelly

    I'm nineteen miles from Shoreham town,
    A place you all know well
    They're building a reactor there,
    Their wisdom yet to tell.
    Some say it will reduce the cost
    We pay for foreign fuel
    But if you do believe that line,
    Then you're the bigger fool.

    It's not until you think on it
    The reason's plain to see,
    I'm sure it will reduce the cost
    Of electricity.
    I know the day is not far off
    I'll night my home for free
    Because if there is an accident
    The light will come from me.

    They say that if there is a need
    We can evacuate.
    To think in an emergency
    Such men decide my fate.
    They think one can just drive away
    If things start to get hot.
    And the route they've picked is the L.I.E.
    The world' largest parking lot.

    But if there is an accident,
    You needn't go so far.
    Those isotopes will get to you
    Before you get to your car.
    The plan might seem quite silly, but
    The reason's even worse.
    They're giving me the privilege
    Of driving my own hearse.

    Now I'm not a religious man
    But believe me when I say,
    We'll have to look to heaven
    To keep Lilco at bay.
    We'll get free power from the sun
    It shines 'most every day.
    And when the sun stops burning,
    Well, we're all screwed anyway

    Repeat verse one

    Lyrics © 1983 Kirk Kelly
    Music Traditional


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