Free Man - Ray Lambiase

    Some men build their lives on comfort and wealth
    Fruit from the labors of somebody else
    Blindfolding justice to serve their own ends
    Breaking the Jaws they can't bend

    We are free men in prisons of stone
    Our keepers live locked in their fear
    They will see when their lives disappear
    That they are our prisoners and we are free men

    Both hands broken, he Jay on the ground
    His voice filling prisons with hope the world 'round
    And then, only after his singing was stilled
    Would they know how his songs could never be killed

    Men and women of vision and peace
    Killed without questions, their killers released
    But their dreams and purpose have always survived
    To prove where the greater strength lies

    1982 by Ray Lambiase, ASCAP

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words