Potter's Field - Jack Hardy

    Thirty days has September
    Thirty days in the sun
    April June and November
    All those days on the run
    But you've got to stop somewhere
    'Fore you're betrayed by the wheel
    Take my love by the hand
    For a walk down to potter's field

    Thirty pieces of silver
    From a long ago scheme
    That's the price you kill for
    Fulfilling Jeremy's dream
    But it's all blood money
    Familiar friend at your meal
    But the flowers still bloom
    Every spring down at potter's field

    Thirty years in youth's doorway
    For philosopher kings
    Thirty more that you work for
    Tombs retirement brings
    but you can't take it with you
    Every day that life steals
    Time in the end
    Puts us all down in potter's field

    1978 John S. Hardy Music, ASCAP

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words