An Oil Derrick Out By West Tulsa - Sis Cunningham

    Oh an oil derrick out by West Tulsa
    Lives in my memory
    It reminds me of Judge Denton
    He spent all his time inventin'
    How to cheat every man he did see.

    Now the Judge was a crafty old chisler
    With an anti-union policy
    Well the Union didn't like it
    So they up and called a strike at
    The Mid-Continent Refinery.

    Now the Judge started herding the scabs in
    His finks and his gangsters were there
    He started shelling out the cash
    To rats and thugs and all such trash
    And the Tulsa Tribune got its share.

    Say goodbye, say goodbye
    Say goodbye to the Judge and his gang
    When the workers started chasin'
    The Judge he started racin'
    'Cause he knew if they caught him he would hang.

    So they chased him right out to the oil field
    And he shouted as he climbed up the rig
    "If you hang me I will haunt you!"
    They said, "Sorry to disappoint you,
    But we'll bury you face down and let you dig."

    So the strikers cl imbed up on the crow's nest
    And they captured that crafty old bird
    Then they took a rope and strung him
    By the neck and then they hung him
    And now no more scabs does he herd.

    Say goodbye, say goodbye
    We've come to the end of our lyric
    All those anti-union ginks
    Had better watch their step, by jinks,
    Or they too will hang from the derrick.

    © 1976 by Sis Cunningham
    Tune: "The Old Apple Tree in the Orchard"


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words