America - David Indian

    I sing a song to you my motherland America
    in hope that I may leave your shore one day
    and may I leave behind the bitterness and love
    of a native son who could not stay

    when he saw the gray of
    greed corroding
    the monument of the immigrants dream
    where it said of America--
    this is the land of the free
    here come a dream of America

    I made love to the daughter of
    your ferryboat captain America
    paid my passage here in the fall
    sailed me himself into New York harbor
    where the mighty lighted towers
    seemed to move upon the face of the waters

    and the winds of Freedom blow
    about the outstretched
    sword of the sentinel by the sea
    just like in Amerika
    but then you're not so free
    not so free in America

    I have ridden down your underground railroads America
    talked it over with the phantom of Jay St-Boro Hall
    borne along on the tide of your wasted weary millions we agreed
    we could read the writing on the walls

    it said loud and fast rules
    dog eat dog it's
    strictly catch as catch can
    catacombs in America

    o lovely girl! Why do you laugh when I call you America?
    it sure sounds like a woman's name to me
    Sweet manifestation of the goddess Columbia
    Hermanita, te advierto asi

    que no se puede vivir sin amar
    no, not in America
    you cannot make it that way
    no, not in America
    I don't care what your horoscope say

    to my brothers who remain behind in America
    I say may God shed his grace on thee
    and ennoble your hearts to inherit the patrimony
    of the Prince of the woodlands
    and the purple mountain majestics

    from the sweet and gentle Hudson
    to the high Colorado
    you've had to have come out of this land
    if you want to be free
    and still live in America--

    thine alabaster cities
    gleam reflecting tears shed
    over broken dreams, America

    © 1983 by David Indian


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words