The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - March '87 Live At The Hoot
    1. Bright Lights (David Ray) 4:35 - David Ray
    2. Yards (Suzie Unger) 3:20 - Suzie Unger
    3. Don't Shoot the Butler (Guy Jonathan) 3:56 - Guy Jonathan
    4. Push and Pull (Jo Lyn Daniels) 3:47 - Jo Lyn Daniels
    5. Mary Lee (Eddy Lawrence)  4:24 - Eddy Lawrence & Jeffrey Glenn
    6. Growing Closer to You (Charles D. Herold) 1:22 - Death & Taxes
    7. In the Left Wing (Richard Julian) 2:18 - Richard Julian
    8. Vaudeville (Frank Tedesso) 4:49 - Frank Tedesso
    9. There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made (Peter Pasco) 2:59 - Peter Pasco
    10. The Solitary Bird (Deborah Snow) 5:35 - Deborah Snow
    11. Song for Rachel Sharansky (David Indian) 3:43 - David Indian
    12. Children in Any Garden (Geoffrey Welchman) 2:36 - Geoffrey Welchman
    13. Bye Bye (Tom Dickie) 5:10 - Tom Dickie


    Frank Tedesso: Guitar, Vocal
    Peter Pasco: Guitar, Vocal
    Deborah Snow: Guitar, Vocal
    Larry Cohen: Bass
    John Leventhal: Electric Guitar
    David Indian: Electric Bass, Vocal
    Geoffrey Welchman: Guitar, Vocal
    Tom Dickie: Guitar, Vocal
    Frank Scarlato: Lead Guritar
    David Ray: Guitar, Vocal
    Suzie Unger: Guitar, Vocal
    Guy Johnathan: Guitar, Vocal
    Jo Lyn Daniels: Guitar, Vocal
    Eddy Lawrence: Guitar, Vocal
    Jeffrey Glenn: Guitar, Vocal
    Richard Jullian: Guitar, Vocal

    Death & Taxes are:
    C.D. Herold: Guitar, Vocal
    Cheryl Guttman: Flute

    Production Credits:

    Richard Meyer: Editor, Article
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Associate Editors
    Rosemary Kirstein: Associate Editors
    Christine Lavin: Associate Editors
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer, Computer Filing
    Bill Kollar: Recording Engineer
    David Seitz: Recording Engineer
    Beverly Bark: Production Coordinators
    Peter Brown: Office Manager
    Ray Lewis: Treasures, Marketing
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art Director
    Jill Burkee: Art Director Assistant
    Germana Pucci: Art Director Assistant
    Kim Llewellyin: Cover Production Consultant
    Steve Key: Advertising
    Stevart Keybak: Advertising
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    John McDaid: Computer Consultant
    Barbara Krinitz: Photo Editor
    Josh Joffen: Record Review Editor
    David Brown: General Staff, Contributors
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    Billy McCaulley: Article

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words