Bright Lights - David Ray

    Joe drove east across the Hudson
    Hotel Chelsea's where he stays
    Makes his money as a tour guide on weekends
    Auditions in the day
    On Thursday he'll run down to the newsstand
    To buy up both the trades
    Faithfully he'll circle
    All the leads that come his way
    He sees his lovely Linda
    Who works at Saks down at the Main
    Together they just scrape out a living
    But do you know why they remain.. ?
    It's the lure of the BRIGHT LIGHTS (2X)

    Wendy made her way up here from the Southland
    Her mom 'n daddy foot the bill
    Thinkin' Wendy has the talent for ...big time.."
    They're certain that she will
    But with the prospect of her failure
    The pressure so severe
    The parents haven't heard from their Wendy
    In six or seven years
    Now you can find her if you're lookin'
    She'll be hookin' on 53rd and 3rd
    If perchance you asked
    "What's caused you to stay right here.. ?"
    She'd say, "It's the lure of the BRIGHT LIGHTS..." (2X)

    Lately I ain't livin' no life o' Riley
    I drive my Checker six to four
    If the tips are holdin' good through the week
    Then I'll buy the drinks/pay the rent babe 'n maybe more
    But in the evenings you'll be liable to find me
    At any Bleeker St. cafe
    Tradin' gag lines with some comic from Jersey
    Wastin' time before I play
    The go-fer calls the numbers
    "Is there a 57 please...?"
    I struggle my way out through the curtains
    But somethin' there is holdin' me
    I'm caught in the lure of the BRIGHT LIGHTS (4X)

    Music & Lyric by David Ray ©1986 David Ray/THAI MUSIC (BMI)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words