Mary Lee - Eddy Lawrence

    The preacher says choose one, it's Heaven or Hell
    He says to take one you leave one behind,
    But my choices blew off like black dust from a coal truck
    When I went down in that Mary Lee mine,

    Ol' Mary Lee's darker than nighttime in Hell
    But she's Heaven when payday comes 'round
    She's God's sweetest angel
    When the drag lines are haulin'
    But she's a bitch when or Mary shuts down

    My daughter said "Daddy, lets drive down to Bessie"
    She heard even the jail had closed down
    And the whole downtown Dora was locked up and boarded
    And the graveyard is all thats left now

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Last year they told us, there's enough coal to hold us
    We could dig on for ten thousand years
    But there's miners at Gorgas been laid off so long
    They can spit and their sputum runs clear

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Words and Music by Eddy Lawrence © 1986 Snowplow Music (BMI)


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