Don't Shoot the Butler - Guy Jonathan

    The butler he got captured by a foreign operation
    On his way to but a cabbage, he must face interrogation
    But all he knows is the figures with no idea how it all fits
    And every time he answers, he gets hit

    You don't shoot the butler, don't alienate his kids
    He is just a bureaucrat, didn't mean to do anything he did
    You don't shoot the butler, don't make a widow of his wife
    Here is not the sinister, don't take his life, life, life

    They dragged him down the alley and they threw him in a cage
    They left him with a book and they watched him studying every page
    They treated him polietely, and they made him feel ashamed
    And they left him there alone to try and understand their game

    Don't shoot the butler, he ain't done dog-nothing to you
    At best he's just a messenger, a subject of the news
    Don't shoot the butler, don't put a bullet through his head
    He don't mean nothing to you either way, alive or dead, dead, dead...

    They fed him cockroach soup, they laughed and slapped him on the back
    And they threw him in the car and said brother you ain't never coming back
    The butler he tried to tell 'em, he told 'em just about everything he ever knew
    But nobody took him seriously he just couldn't get through

    You don't shoot the butler, he don't represent no harm
    His mind is filled with fairy tales, another round of false alarms
    You don't shoot the butler, you don't pass him secret notes
    He ain't got no power, and only half your hopes, hopes, hopes

    The butler started crying like a child so confused
    And they realized with cynical surprise this one they could not use
    They shot him with indifference and therw his body in a Beirut street
    They went back to recite a prayer and catch a little sleep

    And so you shot the butler, why'd you really go and gun him down
    He might have been living between the walls of an enemy town
    But you did not have to shoot him he knew nothing of your cause
    He was just a citizen trying to obey the laws, laws, laws...

    © 1986 & 1987 by Guy Jonathan Grove


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words