The Solitary Bird - Deborah Snow

    I'll teach my child to be just like the solitary bird,
    who trusts the still voice of her heart
    and not the spoken word.
    Who gives her heart to everyone without demanding pay;
    and in the darkest thunderstorms
    she flies the Sunlit Way

    1. I'll give my child some feathers bright
    so her heart can flyaway
    and drop the fear that binds it here,
    demanding that she stay.

    2. The first bright feather that I give is courage,
    so her heart can see how to leave the chattering flock
    and love her own company.

    3. The next bright feather that I give
    is deep and Quiet humility,
    so love won't be consumed with pride,
    but will shine forth and set her free.

    [Repeat Chorus]

    4. The third bright feather that I give
    will carry her from land to ocean
    where she can blend with sky and sea,
    borne on the wings of her devotion.

    5. The last bright feather that I give
    I pluck from my own living heart;
    I give my love to you, my child,
    so we live alone, but not apart.

    6. Before I fly I want to say:
    Do not despair in darkest day;
    do not look back, do not dismay,
    I'll fly with you the Sunlit Way


    Words: Red Hawk, MusiC: Deborah Snow © 1987 Bois d'arc Music


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