Children in Any Garden - Geoffrey Welchman

    Let's play a game now
    I'll be a cop
    and you'll be a robber
    I'll put you in jail
    But you'll be out soon

    You be a prince
    And I'll be a princess
    And you want to save me
    But there's a dragon and your fear

    I'll be a soldier
    And you be my buddy
    You're hit, you're hit bad see
    And I'll carry you in my arms

    For miles, you play the doctor
    And I'll play the lawyer
    I'll sue you for malpractice
    And we'll wind up in bed together

    I'll be mommy
    and you be daddy
    And we won't have babies
    Because we couldn't be that cruel

    Words and Music © 1986 by Geoffrey Welchman


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words