Yards - Suzie Unger

    I'm sick and tired of being tangled up in your cardboard box
    like some old yo-yo
    yo, sweetheart
    Where will you find me in five years
    riding the same train wearing the same dumb boots
    sweetheart, sweetheart
    well, I drove past the graveyard, the shipyard, the stockyard
    and the sun split my fave through the window
    of the F-train like some crazy ride on Dumbo's backyards
    and junkyards and prison yards and life yards
    how can we be homeless,

    Season of joy and seasons of suicide
    I could change the world if I just changed my mind
    sweetheart, sweetheart
    yeah, I've got a token in my pocket
    I could ride or I could give it away
    sweetheart, sweetheart
    well there's a man who eats chestnuts
    from this tree in our courtyard
    and once I saw this yard in the dessert
    with just a tree and a rooster
    the first thaw in March down the Bowery
    all the hydrants are strewn with overcoats
    like rats which, in an instant seem uglier
    than the vast ocean in life's yard
    How can we be homeless,
    O my homeless sweetheart
    my homeless sweetheart

    Words and music © 1986 by Suzie Ungar


    Marco Giunco
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