In the Left Wing - Richard Julian

    Christopher and I stopped by to see Vincent today
    When he opened his door we could see that he was not well
    As we talked with out friend a while, you know that Chris became humble
    And all that could be heard was the rumble
    Of the Lord calling someone home
    It was a sad and lonesome sound calling him home
    Christopher is blatant with his actions
    He may think he is the second coming of the Lord
    For the sake of argument you know that he will take the opposite side
    Like a Chinook salmon on a high tide

    He moves against the wind
    with the force of a cyclone into the wind
    And I sang oh why do I feel this way
    I've got everything in this world that a man could ask for

    We stopped for a drink in a place on 8th avenue
    we had just enough money to pay the bill
    And when I asked him if he was the coming of the Lord
    You know he threw back and he cursed
    That Jesus had gotten there first and you know that
    He really could have been
    If it weren't for that one thing

    But that's the way that life goes in the left wing

    Words and Music © 1987 by Richard Julian


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words