the CooP The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - October '82
    1. Vacation (Bill Bachman) 2:41 - Song Project
    2. Spirits (Tom Guderian) 4:12 - Tom Guderian
    3. Mamma (Rosalie Sorrels) 3:44 - Rosalie Sorrels
    4. Home is Where the Heart Is (Eric Wood) 2:44 - Eric Wood & The Reasons
    5. Beware this Tender Maiden (Ruth Ann Brauser) 4:17 - Ruth Ann Brauser
    6. The Moon in Shadow (Doug Waterman) 3:07 - Doug Waterman
    7. Down Derry Down (David Massengill) 7:44 - David Massengill
    8. The Chicken & Burger World Blues (Mary Scent, Mary Lyon, Luna Tune) 2:42 - Luna Tune
    9. Arms She Demanded (Skip Barthold) 3:27 - Skip Barthold
    10. Love You 'till the Cows Come Home (Josie Kuhn) 2:56 - Josie Kuhn
    11. The 27 Suicidal Blues (Rob Strachan) 5:37 - New England Express
    12. Think And Do (Paul Millis) 1:53 - Poez


    Tom Guderins: Guitar, Vocals
    Mark Dann: Bass, Guitar, Vocal
    Rosalie Sorrels: Guitar, Vocals
    Eric Wood: Guitar, Vocals
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Guitar, Vocals
    David Roth: Flddle (Oops)
    Doug Waterman:  Guitar, Vocals
    David Massengill: Vocal,  Dulcimer
    Jack Hardy: Guitar, Vocals
    Skip Barthold: Vocal, Guitar
    Josie Kun: Vocal, Guitar
    Poez: Vocal

    The Song Project Are:
    Tom Intondi:  Guitar, Vocals
    Bill Bachman: Guitar, Vocals
    Martha P. Hogan: Vocals, Kazoo
    Lucy Kaplanski: Vocals, Kazoo
    Mark Dann: Bass, Vocals

    The Reasons are:
    Eric Wood: Guitar, Vocals
    Bob Windbiel: Lead Gultar
    Doug Hyde: Bass
    Marshall Rosemberg: Percussion

    Luna Tune are:
    Mary Scent: Vocals
    Karen Cutler: Vocals
    Dianne Michael: Vocals
    Mary Lyon: Vocals

    The New England Express are:
    Rob Strachan: Vocal, Guitar
    John Strachan: Vocal, Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor, Liner Notes
    Brian Rose: Associate Editor, Photography
    Gary Bohem: Assistant Editor
    Bill Ponsot: Managing Editor
    Gerard Hinson: Contributor, Photography
    Susan Brewster: Contributor
    David Massengill: Contributor
    Richard Chanel: Contributor
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Contributor, Correspondence
    Ilene Weiss: Contributor
    Tom Intondi: Contributor
    Rae Monroe: Contributor
    Randy B.Hecht: Contributor
    Larry McClain: Contributor
    Frank Mazzetti: Contributor
    Peter Spencer: Contributor
    Carol Ficksman: Graphics
    Judy Ficksman: Graphics
    Loren Moss: Graphics
    Chuck Hancock: Contributions
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Production Staff
    Eric Fradsen: Production Staff
    Josh Joffen: Production Staff
    Angela Page : Production Staff
    Rosemarie Kirstein: Production Staff
    Carolyne McCombs: Production Staff
    Doug Waterman: Production Staff
    Pete Gardner: Production Staff
    Nancy Talanian: Production Staff
    Ben Silver: Production Staff
    Sherwood Ross: Media Consultant
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Janet Stecher: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words