Vacation - Bill Bachman

    No gas, closed station
    Small world, large nation
    Don't forget your ID

    A Is for another chance to get away so you can
    B yourself again
    C Is for the crime In the city and the scenes on the
    D train, remember when?
    E is for eenie, meenle, miny mo in
    F For to choose one place
    G there go gray skies I'll leave behind and the
    H assles

    Vacation----Don't forget your AC

    I Is for the eyeglasses I left behind with a
    J and that jug of marseilles
    K is for the credit card that keeps cops cool when you catch a flat tire near LA
    H marks the man who mustn't deliver mail just
    N case the burglers know by now
    D is for the windows I left wide open
    p could I ever and how

    Vaction----Don't forget your CB
    Q is for the cute new pancho just in case it
    R rains a week or two
    S Is for the cash from your stash for the
    T ravelers checks "What will you do"
    U topia you will be expecting--yuck yuck
    V Is for the bad vibes visitors get when you want to rent a room to

    Vacation----Don't forget your TV

    W wins the wish for wanner weather when we want it in
    X change for the thunder in them trees
    Y is for why in the world are we here waiting in this traffic, when we could be in bed catching all those

    © 1980 Bill Bachmann


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words