Down Derry Down - David Massengill

    Are you bored with the Lord
    And his terrible swift sword
    Is it for love or is it fear
    That you're the Lord's cheerleader
    Hallelujah rah rah rah
    Hallelujah sis boom bah
    La de da
    Raphael Raphael
    If you could see me in Hell
    Fiddle dee fiddle dum
    By gee by gosh by golly by gum
    Just tell God to stuff his apple tree
    The Trinity was once a tarbaby
    Soon you'll know Hell's hospitality
    Maybe someday you'll get amnesty
    God shed his grace on thee
    And thee went down derry down

    Do you hiss at heavenly bliss
    Don't you miss my red hot kiss
    Are you sick and tired of mellow
    When you really want to be an evil fellow
    Hell's the place to get your rocks off
    There's even talk of a spin-off
    In prime time
    Gabriel Gabriel
    If you could see me in Hell
    I've got frost I've got fire
    I eat millions sweet and sour
    Like the man who was wrong from the start
    Trying to rebuild Noah's ark
    Went insane and started to bark
    Was found to have fireflies in his heart
    And they said it could not be done
    Till they went down derry down

    Do you scorn those twice born
    Come to Hell and grow some horns
    Are you blinded by the light
    In your heart you know I'm right
    Are you fed up and frustrated
    Come to Hell get liberated
    Come on down
    Uriel Uriel
    If you could see me in Hell
    O how I preen hall I prace
    How I jivvy jam the devil's dance
    Resembling the late Duke of Earl
    His rod and his staff he did twirl
    Tho his eyes were mother of pearl
    He loved all the lost little girls
    To kiss his cold clay lips
    And then go down derry down

    Do you puke on Saint Luke
    'Cause he reminds you of Patty Duke
    Are you bummed out with devout
    Just once don't you want to shout:
    "I am fed up with perfection
    I can't get no satisfaction:"
    Get down
    Michael Michael
    If you could see me in Hell
    I've got the will I've got the power
    To desecrate the holy flower
    The carpenter caught in a web
    The fly presumed dead dead dead
    For the lion-hearted must be fed
    That's how Johnny Reb lost his head
    It's finger lickin' good
    When you go down derry down

    You better say your prayers
    Down the devil's stairs
    O don't get scared
    Down the devil's stairs
    Just a medium rare
    Down the devil's stairs
    Down derry down

    © 1980 David Massengill

    Note: This song was inspired by Mark Twain's Letters to the Earth, C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, and John Milton's Paradise Lost. According to Milton's poem, there were nine archangels, Lucifer being the most charismatic. Four archangels remained faithful to God, and four joined Lucifer in a power struggle for control of Heaven. They lost. Here, Lucifer and his cohorts have established a kingdom in Hell. Lucifer addresses the four archangels in Heaven, hoping to tempt one or more down derry down. Put yourself in the wings of an archangel and listen. The voice is the devil's.


    Marco Giunco
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