Mama - Rosalie Sorrels

    This song is a response to the following part of a poem--"Song for Daughters"--by my mother, Nancy Stringfellow:
    "No arms can hold you in a warm embrace
    The place you want is not this place
    You want the winds of time against your face
    You want the wild rain falling
    Outside, the cold stars shine
    And you are theirs, not mine"


    Like some old gypsy woman
    With her face turned toward the fire
    I seek the truth in the eyes of these who hear
    Truth lies in the eyes of a lover
    Or of a fool or of a liar
    And it trembles in the heart of a silent tear

    Mamma, you got it right when you said
    No one would ever hold me
    And I'd be walking on the wind till the day I die
    But nobody ever bought me, Mamma
    Nobody ever sold me
    And I'm gonna stand until I fall
    Life is to live, death canes to us all
    And my friend, the wind, is teaching me to fly
    And I can fl y, Mamma
    I can fly

    And the truth will always show you
    More than just one face, my friend
    And the faces will never stay the same
    In the time it takes the earth to turn
    Your very world might end
    And you'd stand there naked and alone without your name

    [Repeat Chorus]

    The goldsmith showed me beauty
    That comes from the heart of stone
    She taught me how to hold my heart inside my eye
    My mamma taught me
    Not to be afraid to be alone
    And I learned by myself that it cleans your soul to cry

    © 1982 Rosalie Sorrels Grimes Creek Music


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