The Chicken & Burger World Blues - Mary Scent, Mary Lyon, Luna Tune

    Do do do do do do do
    Miss, what's the special today?

    Miss, are you sure this cream is okay?
    Could you take my order first?
    I've got no time to lose
    It's the Chicken and Burger World blues

    I'd like a steak teryaki medium well
    Order of french fries
    A glass of muscatel
    A country chicken platter, legs and thighs
    All white salad
    Sauce on the side

    Make an all-beef burger, burn it up
    Mustard, mayo, relish, pickles, onions, ketchup
    Eggs over easy, hot buttered grits,
    A slice of whole wheat, and two links of sausage meat
    It's the Chicken and Burger World blues

    Miss, this meat Is too well done
    Miss, I asked for a toasted bun
    Could you make a suggestion?
    I don't know what to choose
    It's the Chicken and Burger World blues

    I'll take a turkey club with bacon crisp
    On pumpernickel bread, a coke with a twist of lemon.

    Tuna fish sandwich. make that to go
    Throw some extra pickles on it.
    Easy on the mayo

    I wanna western omelet. whiskey down
    That takes home fries and extra butter on the side

    I want a cheeseburger special. medium rare
    Two stacks of wheat cakes
    Three packs of honey, honey

    Gimme a well-done beefsteak, corn and peas
    Lettuce, tomato, a scoop 'a cottage cheese

    Oh miss, this table needs a wipe
    Oh miss, there's something on this knife
    What have we got from our heads to our shoes?
    It's the Chicken and Burger World blues

    © 1982 Lyrics by Mary Scent and Mary Lyon
    Music By Lunatune


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