The Moon in Shadow - Doug Waterman

    If you go to see the moon in shadow
    There shall come a voice inside of you
    Saying "Seek you out a place that's dark
    The garden where the dead men walk"
    I went out to see the moon in shadow

    I went out I went out past the curfew
    The agents of the law came after me
    They said "We arrest you man"
    Too late, just then the thing began
    The edges of the moon were lost in shadow

    They let me go but they would not set me free
    For soon the dark had overtaken me
    The moon was full, the moon was bright
    The moon was swallowed by the night
    And there is nothing left to me but shadow

    When your own body seems to block the sun
    Day and night shall be to you as one
    I am tired, I am high
    The things I've sought have made me cry
    Can no one here help free me from the shadow

    1982 Doug Waterman

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words