The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - April '88 - An Evening In Greewich Village
    1. Moments (Pierce Pettis) 2:53 - David Roth, Richard Meyer, Nikki Matheson
    2. Stranger With Your Hair (John Gorka) 3:50 - John Gorka
    3. Should on You (David Roth) 3:16 - David Roth
    4. From My Hands (Frank Christian) 4:47 - Frank Christian
    5. Let Me Take My Time (Josh Joffen) 5:08 - Richard Meyer
    6. Diamond in the Rough (Shawn Colvin, John Leventhal) 4:11 - Lucy Kaplansky
    7. On the Avenue (Jimmy Bruno) 2:46 - Cliff Eberhardt
    8. Old Factory Town (Brian Rose) 4:05 - Lucy Kaplansky
    9. La Chanson des Livres (Traditional) 2:42 - Nikki Matheson
    10. Contrary Mary (David Massengill) 4:44 - David Massengill
    11. Chocolates and Shame (Germana Pucci) 3:52 - Germana Pucci
    12. Water (Rod MacDonald) 3:52 - Rod MacDonald & The Ensemble


    David Roth: Guitar, Vocal, Banjo, High String Guitar & Supporting Vocal
    Richard Meyer: Vocal
    Nikki Matheson: Vocal, Supporting Vocal, Mandolin
    John Gorka: Guitar, Vocal, Supporting Vocal
    Lucy Kaplanski: Supporting Vocal, Guitar, Vocal
    Cliff Eberhardt: Guitar, Vocal
    Lisa Gutkin: Violin
    Jeff Hardy: Bass
    Howie Wyeth: Drums
    Frank Christian: Guitar, Vocal, Electric Guitar
    Mark Dann: Electric Guitar
    Richard Meyer: Guitar, Vocal, Supporting Vocals
    David Massengill: Dulcimer, Vocal
    Germana Pucci: Guitar, Vocal
    Rod MacDonald: Supporting Vocals, Guitar, Voca, Harmonica

    The Band are:
    Mark Dann: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
    Jeff Hardy: Bass
    Howie Wyeth: Drums
    Lisa Gutkin: Violin

    The Ensemble are:
    Cliff Eberhardt
    John Gorka
    Jack Hardy
    Richard Meyer
    Rod MacDonald
    David Roth
    Nikki Matheson
    Lucy Kaplanski
    Germana Pucci
    Irene Weiss
    Tom Intondi
    Anne Hills

    Production Credits:

    Richard Meyer: Editor, Article
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Associate Editors; Article
    Christine Lavin: Associate Editors
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Bill Kollar: Recording Engineer
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer, General Staff, Contributors
    David Seitz: Recording Engineer
    Beverly Bark: Production Coordinators
    Peter Brown: Office Manager
    Ray Lewis: Treasures, Marketing
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art Director
    Jill Burkee: Art Director Assistant
    Germana Pucci: Art Director Assistant
    Kim Llewellyin: Cover Production Consultant
    Steve Key: Advertising
    Stevart Keybak: Advertising
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    John McDaid: Computer Consultant
    Barbara Krinitz: Photo Editor
    Josh Joffen: Record Review Editor
    David Brown: General Staff, Contributors
    Roger Deitz: General Staff, Contributors, Article
    Mitch Fitzco: General Staff, Contributors
    Irving Glazer: General Staff, Contributors
    Gerry Hinson: General Staff, Contributors
    John Kruth: General Staff, Contributors
    Blaze Perillo: General Staff, Contributors
    Brian Rose: General Staff, Contributors
    David Roth: General Staff, Contributors
    Peter Brown: Article
    Shelton Soika: Article

    Marco Giunco
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