Contrary Mary - David Massengill

    She, drunker than me
    And shaking my tree-
    I fell and she yawned
    I let go of my kite
    It was love at blind sight
    She said "what took you so long?"
    Her sphinx runneth over
    The riddle, she asks with a smile
    "Forgive me, I'm wicked, I'm warm ,
    I'm free for a while"

    There, caught in her snare
    And slicing a pear
    She said "do you dare"
    She lifted her dress
    And as I said "yes"
    Up popped a soothsayer
    "beware, beware or you'll end like that man
    Who played the bassoon
    He succumbed to her charms, with his last breath
    He uttered "bazoom"

    She said "don't listen to him
    I knew him when he looked just like you"
    And I swallowed her lie
    I said not to cry
    She said, "I never have to"
    There was nothing to stop us
    Except for the ghost of her spouse
    She took off her clothes
    I pretended to be doctor Faust

    Somehow raising my plow
    She said "not now
    Can't we just be friends?"
    Then, shedding her skin
    I met her twin
    She said, "don't come again"
    But leave your wheelbarrow
    just in case a piece of the sky
    Falls into my lap
    I want something to remember you by

    Soon, I left her room
    And licking my wounds
    I got drunk at the bar
    And when it got dark
    I drew stars for her heart
    but they were too far
    And when I awoke on my pillow
    Was her billet doux
    "Je ne suis plus pas contraire de toi
    Je t'aime, que pease tu"

    Words and Music by David Massengill © 1980 Bowser Wowser Music


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