Chocolates and Shame - Germana Pucci

    Primo went off to war
    To the frontline in Africa
    Where fighting meant no more
    Than life for many a soul

    Like any soldier he would pray
    Whenever someone passed away
    Could hardly wait to get back home
    Where Lina waited all alone

    Lina was very cold
    Starving more than before
    Had Primo been around
    She'd've layed the blame upon him

    One day a foreign soldier came
    To bring her chocolates and shame
    To leave her with a dark child
    Who's forty-one years old now

    I grew up on a farm
    Known as Lina's only son
    And sure enough I must confess
    I wasn't seen like all the rest

    Primo got back alive
    He was bold when she was frightened
    There were many unhappy scars
    On his face and in our hearts

    I saw him stumble in the night
    Mumbling words never defined
    Awaiting answers never found
    Until nobody came around

    And any time I look behind
    After a few glasses of wine
    I try to change my fate in vain
    Left here with chocolates and shame

    © 1985 by Germana Pucci


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words