Let Me Take My Time - Josh Joffen

    You follow lovers with your eyes
    across the streets and in the stations
    Then you look around at me
    You want to know my destination
    It isn't hard to read your mind
    Will you forgive my hesitation

    And every wall must sometimes fall away
    And every dessert blooms when life is kind
    Frozen winter yield their rain
    Frozen hearts must do the same
    If you love me
    You'll let me take my time
    Let me take my time

    Now you and I are veterans
    With bitter campaigns to our credit
    Where love's so hard to come by
    And so hard to lose
    You know that life, We've led it
    But still we search for something more
    Some reason not to give up and forget it

    [Repeat Chorus]

    You can't argue with a river
    It won't hear a word you say
    You try reason but it won't hear
    what you're thinking
    Try to close your fist upon it
    Then you feel it slip away
    But if you cup your hands
    It'll be there for the drinkin'

    So let us join hand carefully
    And swear to look out for each other
    We are old but we are young
    There's time to learn and worlds to redisciver
    And if it's wrong we'll go our separate ways
    And if its right then we'll be lovers

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Words and Music © 1987 By Josh Joffen


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words