Old Factory Down - Brian Rose

    As I was sleeping the rain fell down
    washing the streets of this old factory town
    I dreamed of the watchman making his rounds
    as the rain fell on this old factory town

    When i awoke my wife was gone
    down to the kitchen at the break of dawn
    I could hear her humming our favorite song
    when i awoke at the break of dawn

    I kissed her waving frame in the door
    to rustle the kids and tend to the chores
    last night she whispered let's have one or two more
    rustling kids to tend to the chores

    I punched in at seven at j.t. mctell
    iron and brass hotter than hell
    where i cast the clappers of church steeple bells
    iron and brass at j.t. mctell

    The whistle at four to the bar for a round
    quenching the thirst of this old factory town
    the lights comes up as the sun goes down
    over the bars in this old factory town

    As I was sleeping down the rein fell
    strike in the streets scatter pell mell
    oh I dream of the clamor of all the church bells
    cast in iron and brass at j.t. mctell


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words