Water - Rod MacDonald

    People will talk
    friends will be schocked
    say "How in the world do you do?"
    women will walk
    up to you and squawk
    saw "baby want to try something new"

    How you gonna take it
    What are you gonna do
    When it happens just like you been expecting it to
    How you gonna take it
    What are you gonna do
    Ain't it gonna change your life

    You can't carry that load yourself
    You got to stop on the road for water

    That woman you love
    she been waiting on you
    you gonna come around like she knows you can do
    theres bums on the corner with their outstretched hands
    you'll take 'em a!lto diner just because you can

    the feds will do audits
    you're phone will be tapped
    non-fiction writer will go through your trash
    gurus will quote you
    waiters rip off you lines
    they'll name a turnpike rest stop after you when you die

    Words and Music by Rod MacDonald 1985 Blue Flute Music (ASCAP)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words