Tom Jans - The Eyes Of An Only Child
    1. Gotta Move (Tom Jans, Lowell George) - 4:15
    2. Once Before I Die (Tom Jans) - 3:15
    3. Where Did All My Good Friends Go? (Tom Jans) - 4:50
    4. Inside Of You (Tom Jans) - 3:05
    5. Struggle In Darkness (Tom Jans) - 5:40
    6. Out Of Hand (Tom Jans, J. Barry) - 3:15
    7. The Lonesome Way Back When (Tom Jans) - 4:20
    8. Lonely Brother (Tom Jans) - 5:45
    9. Directions And Connections (Tom Jans) - 4:35
    10. The Eyes Of An Only Child (Tom Jans) - 3:35


    Tom Jans: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
    Bill Payne: Piano
    Colin Cameron: Bass Guitar
    Chuck Rainey: Bass Guitar
    Fred Tackett: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    Lowell George: Acoustic Guitar
    Jesse Ed David: Acoustic Guitar
    David Lindley: Electric Guitar
    Jerry Mcgee: Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
    Jeff Porcaro: Drums
    Jim Keltner: Drums
    Harvey Mason: Drums
    Valerie Carter: Background Vocals
    Lovely Hardy: Background Vocals
    Herb Pedersen: Background Vocals
    Mike Utley: Organ

    Production Credits:

    John Haeny: Producer, Engineer
    Tom Jans: Producer
    Lowell George: Executive Producer
    Ethan Russell: Photography
    Ron Coro: Design
    John Brogna: Design
    David Joseph: Management
    Geoge Massenburgt: Engineer
    Paul Black: Assistant Engineer

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