Where Did All My Good Friends Go? - Tom Jans

    When this weekend rolls around
    I'll be barbequing in the sun
    Gonna knock the back wall out
    We're f!onna have some fun
    Worked so hard all wInter long
    Now the rec room's almost done
    Pool and darts and a big T.V.
    It's a place to keep my guns

    My little woman wants to go on vacation
    She wants to go down to Mexico, she wants to go to Mexico
    Now that's not my idea of a vacation
    Spending two goddamn weeks in a hotel room,
    I said no
    Now you might think that I've got everything
    All the security only money brings
    But there's just one little thing I'd like to know
    Where did all my good friends go?

    I got dacron pile every damn where
    Electric blankets all around
    And when you flush my toilet
    It don't even make a sound
    I got closets, big walk-in closets
    Factory air in both my cars-
    Got dichondra coming up over yonder
    Even got myself a wet bat,
    But still-



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words