The Lonesome Way Back When - Tom Jans

    My body was strong, so my mind came along
    On a journey that would take me so far
    From the life I had known, seeds I had sown
    I jumped in my beat-up old car

    But the road was so wide, there was nowhere to hide
    So I hid in my tears now and then
    The shadows at night made that first morning light
    Seem like a long-lost friend

    Coffee and a song, and I would be gone
    Hitching a ride with the wind
    Dreams for my pay, never thought I'd call those days
    The lonesome way back when

    The lonesome way back when
    When all of your songs were like friends
    You treated each line like a child
    Some stayed close to home and others ran wild
    And your body and soul were so tight
    They were stolen by thieves in the night

    So I ran like a fool, guarding my jewels
    With so many friends by my side
    But between you and me, it was so hard to see
    So many good dreams die

    Cause I've seen all the hustle,and felt all the muscle baby
    When I was down on the scrounge
    Now I'm living in Vegas, making my wages
    My old lady sings in the lounge

    Sometimes at night, when the moon's shining bright
    My old Buick and I take a spin
    And my mind drifts away to the old bygone days
    And the lonesome way back when


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words