Inside of You - Tom Jans

    I have been lonely, lost and forgotten
    Crying at sundown, burning the mountain
    But the beauty of that freedom, can't match the feeling
    Of what I am when I'm inside of you

    I've been a young man running at daybreak
    Hearing my footsteps, the sound that the wind makes
    Prisoner of my past, held by dreams that never last
    I can only be myself, when I'm inside of you

    All of the lonely smiles, broken dreams, endless miles
    All of the days andyears, promises, held back tears, disappear-
    Always on the outside, never knowing why
    Then you let me in your heart, it felt so good to cry
    I feel like I belong, when I'm inside of you

    And when I'm long gone and rollin' in darkness
    All all of my sad songs arre resting in silence
    No matter where my soul may be
    I will have the memory of what it was
    To be inside of you


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words