Struggle in Darkness - Tom Jans

    Downtown Chicago, asshole to elbow
    Bullet through an open door
    Death is like a football score
    Subway is running wild,
    Though I saw a young child smile
    City just eats up that flower
    Just like a minute eats up an hour

    Struggle in darkness, struggle while you push for light
    Struggle in darkness, struggle through a lonely night
    Leave today, if you can'tfinda way
    To make it pay, to struggle in darkness

    Guess I'll never know, where Im gonna go
    So hard to make ends meet
    Put your business on the street
    So when I get crazy
    I run to my baby
    When she's crazy too,
    There ain't a goddamn thing you can do

    Lying in bed, holding my baby's head
    Leave all the push and showe,
    We're making sweet, sweet love
    But my baby's sights just brings tears to my eyes
    Il lose control, I realize this city ha got to my soul


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words