Gotta Move - Tom Jans, Lowell George

    Have you ever been lonely
    In the middle of the night
    Even though the one you love
    Got her arms around you so tight
    And a far-off freight train, makes a hollow sound
    And the mockingbird singing a sweet sad song
    As your feet hit the ground

    I gotta move, thats all I know
    I gotta move, gotta hear the west wind blow
    I gotta move, but I'm running out of somewhere to go
    So I just move -

    Feeling better now, highway 101
    Salinas would you fill me up
    Just before the morning sun
    And Maria with the dancing eyes
    I'll have to run
    The beat-up pick-up trucks are heading for the fields
    So much to be done

    Repeat Chorus

    Its so misunderstood, what can run through the blood
    Of a young mans heart, when he's falling apart
    But when I'm all alone, and it's so unknown
    I get the same old fear and it's crystal clear

    Deadpan smiles and deadhead miles
    Do you know what I mean-
    When you're riding alone, so much to be seen
    So when I left Maria, it seemed like another bad dream
    So I pack it on up, turn it on around
    And head back where I been-

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words