The Eyes Of An Only Child - Tom Jans

    Felt like a fool while the laughter rang
    And hang my head while the devil smiled
    Looked down on the mountain while the angels sang
    Through the eyes of an only child

    Listened to the old men talk of days gone by
    Of a country free and wild
    Watched as their words would slowly twist and die
    In the eyes of an only child

    Wondered in my heart of hearts
    If I've been here before
    Trembled as the winter wind
    Would blow against my door
    Been so fat at sea, I could not find the shore
    Got down on my knees and prayed I would see more
    With these eyes of an only child

    Raised by a cowboy and a woman's only dream
    Held so steday by their smile
    Knowing that my life would always be seen
    Through the eyes of an only child

    So I'll just keep learning in a life I have chose
    Though muy time may be my trial
    An d though the sky may be burning, I wont want to vlse
    These the eyes of an only child


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words