the CooP The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - March '82
    1. Calypso (Suzanne Vega)  4:09 - Lucy Kaplanski
    2. Go Down (Malcom Brooks)  3:12  - Doug Waterman
    3. Young Love (Sammy Walker) 4:19  - Tom Intondi
    4. Memoria (Germana Pucci, Giancarlo Biagi)  3:15 - Germana Pucci
    5. Honorable Men (Rod MacDonald)  4:10 - Rod MacDonald
    6. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens (Traditional) 3:31 - Paul Siebel
    7. Old Factory Down (Brian Rose) 5:06 - Jerry Divine
    8. Wolverines (Peter Spencer) 2:53 - Peter Spencer
    9. The Sound of Your Strings (Paula Elridge)  4:10 - Mary Reynolds
    10. Life on the Run (Frank Mazzetti) 2:55 - Frank Mazzetti
    11. Choo Choo (Joey George) 2:57 - George & O'Brien
    12. Goodnight Loving Trail (Bruce Phillips) 4:47 - Jack Hardy


    Lucy Kaplansky: Vocal, Guitar, Harmony
    Mark Dann: Bass, Guitar, Pedal Bass, Lead Guitar
    Doug Waterman: Vocal, Guitar
    Jack Hardy: Harmony, Mandolin, Vocal, Guitar
    Tom Intondi: Vocal, Guitar, Harmony
    Frank Christian: Lead Guitar
    Germana Pucci: Vocal, Guitar
    Jill Burkee: Mandolin
    Rod MacDonald: Vocal, Guitar
    Paul Siebel: Vocal, Guitar
    Tony Markellis: Bass
    Bill Bachmann: Lead Guitar
    Gerry Devine: Voval, Banjo
    Peter Spencer: Vocal, Guitar
    Mary Reynolds: Vocal, Guitar
    Frank Mazzetti: Vocal, Guitar
    Joey George: Vocal, Guitar
    Judith O'Brien: Harmony
    Priscilla Herdman: Harmony

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor
    Brian Rose: Assistant Editor
    Bonnie Blankeship: Board & Production
    Gary Bohem: Board & Production
    Steven Brant: Board & Production
    Lisa Filadelfia: Board & Production
    Chuk Hancock: Board & Production
    Tom Intondi: Board & Production
    Ray Korona: Board & Production
    Arvin Lightman: Board & Production
    Frank Mazzetti: Board & Production
    Janet Miller: Board & Production
    Angela Page: Board & Production
    Doug Waterman: Board & Production
    Erik Fradsen: Board & Production
    David Massengill: Board & Production
    Rosemary Kirstein: Board & Production
    Alph Edwards: Board & Production
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words