Honorable Men - Rod MacDonald

    Upon their honour as Americans
    they hired the bullets to fly
    straight from a window or sane grassy knoll
    to the place where people die
    and no one was found and no one was guilty
    who wasn't dead when he was tried
    and the bullets keep ringing their questions out
    like shots comin' back in the night

    part of the plan
    to hide in the darkness
    in peace and in war
    part of the plan
    part of the plan
    for somebody to take the fall
    and after all
    these were honourable men

    Somebody had oil, somebody had money
    to pay for guns and for lives
    Somebody had secrets too much depended
    on keepin' locked up inside
    Somebody had time to put away the cops
    till killers were safely away
    Somebody had time to put away a patsy
    who never have nothin' to say

    [Repeat chorus]

    They bring the bodies Back home in coffins
    draped in American flags
    to stand for the cameras one last time
    for tv and photography mags
    and with every slain leader the soul of a people
    goes a little down in the well
    and In darkness and hiding these honourable men
    are satisfied with themselves

    [Repeat chorus]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words