The Sound of Your Strings - Paula Elridge

    It would be good to see you again
    it's been much too long, my friend
    I know I didn't write, but when have I ever
    at least I phoned every now and then
    I know it was three AM
    what does that matter anyway

    I miss the sound of your strings
    and the joy your voice would bring
    on all those days when I felt cloudy
    you'd be there when I'd call
    and stand by me through it all
    I owe you all I have
    I owe you so much more

    I think of you every day
    and of that special way
    you'd smile, and I'd feel good all over
    I can't imagine good-bye to you
    what a hard thing that would be to do now
    you're gone, and I long

    For the sound of your strings...

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words