Wolverines - Peter Spencer

    Wolverine, he's no namby-pamby mammal
    Wolverine, he will kill you if he can, and he can
    There are people who like to go out drinking
    With a Wolverine, a Wolverine

    Wolverines are mating in my basement
    Hairy Genes handed down from nad to Son
    He's the one to deliver his people from out of bondage
    To the Wolverines, the Wolverines

    Wolverines taking shop class at my high school
    Wolverines in the yearbook and on the bus, that was us
    They will chew you if you say a word against them
    Those Wolverines, Wolverines

    Submarines with a toothy, hairy cargo
    Wolverines to be left on secret shores fighting wars
    They're the meanest little buggers in creation
    Those Wolverines, Wolverines

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words