Choo Choo - Joey George

    Broke down, waiting in Penn Central
    Running behind, 25 minutes late.
    Union boys take their time,
    Saturday night, drink their wine,
    And get their double pay.

    I'm just an engineer from Denver.
    Hate to hear my customers complain.
    I'm sending a letter to my senator,
    "Treat this railroad like it were a saint."

    Get that choo-choo on the track,
    Put some steam in your smoke stack.
    Grease and wheels, burning steel.
    Put the throttle in your hand.
    Get that choo-choo on the track.

    Washington got real defensive.
    Making friends, sending them AWACS
    Boarding up thos e Amtrak stations,
    Citizens have to pay the tax.

    They're crying the blues in Chicago
    Detroits not blowing any horns.
    You can hear it said,
    "This railroads almost dead."
    Yet they're going ahed with Westway in New York.

    (Repeat Chorus)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words