Life on the Run - Frank Mazzetti

    Training in the mountains
    Always with a gun
    Keeping things in motion
    Life on the run

    I remember '81
    When it all begun
    They tore the world in two large parts
    Life on the run

    And I'm tearing up the highway like an eagle
    My claws slicing through a worn out flag
    I've got to get away from all these natives
    Now that Ahab has them playin' tag

    Life was hard all over
    Life had lost it's fun
    Life lost in depression
    Life on the run

    They cursed and jeered the enemy
    As if the battle won
    They stared at Ahab's gold doubloon
    Their lives on the run

    And Ahab was known as quite an actor
    He had a winning way with his eyes
    With the shipping merchants filling up his pockets
    His smile seemed to win over the guys

    They cheered and marched in lockstep
    In the early mornin' sun
    Salutin' all those generals
    Life on the run

    To eliminate dissention
    Even priest and nun
    They put 'em in a red arena
    Life on the run

    Of course most were loyal subjects
    Most believed Ahab's "hows" and "whys"
    They were subject to the promised good conditions
    They were subject to believe his schoolboy lies

    They never knew what happened
    Eyes of fright and stun
    Destruction was so swift, Lord
    Life on the run


    Marco \Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words